Nope. As long as you can cycle a regular bike you will be perfectly capable. Our bikes have fat-tyres to provide stability and can handle rough roads and bumps easily.

2.5 – 3 hours for the guided and self-guided tour.

The bike rental is 2 hours but we can arrange a longer duration if required.

Our self-guided tour is delivered via our app. The app uses GPS to trigger the information and this transmitted to the speakers on your blue-tooth headset.  

We provide the ebikes, helmets, high-vis vest.

If you are doing the self-guided tour please download the WeWheel app before you arrive .

You should just dress for the time of year and the weather forecast.  A backpack with water and rain coat is helpful, but not required.

The bikes are only available to hire for people 16+ years.

Yes, you can pause the audio while on the Self-Guided eBike Tour? This is ideal if you want to capture some photos or stop for a snack / water.

Yes, our guided tours are limited to 9 guests.

Our eBikes use a mix of traditional gears and an electric 750W geared hub motor  that delivers enhanced hill-climbing capabilities. Take on daunting inclines with more power – even at lower speeds.